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What is it?

An ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a small device, which is used to regularly measure and record blood pressure over 24 hours. It’s a simple and effective way to monitor your blood pressure over an extended period.

What you do

The ambulatory blood pressure monitor is fitted around your upper arm for a 24-hour period, and it inflates every half an hour during the day, and once an hour at night. The monitor gives a better indication of your blood pressure while you go about your daily activities, including sleep and rest periods. Because the monitor can’t get wet, it’s best to shower before it’s fitted. You should also wear a comfortable two-piece outfit.

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An important message to our patients and referrers regarding COVID-19


Sydney Cardiology is continuing to closely monitor the information provided by the Australian Health Department and the NSW Health Department with regard to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation.

During this time of uncertainty Sydney Cardiology has implemented strict hygiene controls for all our staff and patients to ensure your safety whilst attending our clinics. We have implemented social distancing principals and ask during this time that only scheduled patients attend appointments and that any support persons or family members wait outside the clinic unless required for mobility or interpretation assistance. In the interest of all our patients and staff you will be asked a few questions at the time of booking or when you present to one of our clinics relating to this matter.

To support our patients and referring Doctors we are offering telehealth consultations where appropriate, our Front Desk team will be able to provide
further information.

Please know we are committed to your health during this difficult time.

Doctors and Staff at Sydney Cardiology.